A new concept of Online Marketing

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Do you have a blog, a social network account or a newsletter?

Do you want more high quality content, more contacts, more visitors and more income?

Let me introduce you a new concept of marketing: http://adysite.com

Create a gig, offer your online-channel(s) and you’ll get requests. Interested users can set up messages and apply to your gig – so you can review their content first, allowing you to maintain full control over your publications!

This way, your channels won’t end up being transformed into spam generators! You’ll have full control over whether to accept or decline requests.

Get too much requests without value (or too many requests at all)? Just raise the price of your gig.

Gather favorites; add a calendar feature; stay in contact with the private message system; optimize the performance of your gigs by checking the statistics and enjoy a new concept of online marketing!

Check out the newest gig by JW
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For our early starter…

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Inner Guidance Book – Home

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Greatpoetrymhf's Weblog

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Swept out to sea and miraculously rescued by dolphins; cast out of her body in a near-death experience after a head-on collision with a truck; facing her deepest fears; resolving difficult karmic connections; accepting grace; struggling with malaria; inspiring her high-school students to greatness. Throughout all these ordeals, adventures, and profound experiences, the author received clear and reliable inner guidance that helped her and others survive and thrive.

Anne Archer Butcher shares these astounding stories and many more, not just because they make great reading, but because they contain insights to help you connect with and benefit from your own inner guidance. A spiritually richer and more confident life is yours for the asking.



Book reviews are invited.

I personally benefitted  highly recommend this book…

.MaryHelen Ferris 

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Exclusive Offer For Photographers & Videographers!

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Conquering Content Marketing in 5 Steps: It All Starts With a Plan

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Once you have a captive audience, promote your product. It seems simple, yet so few are able to create and market great content online. Here’s how to come up with a plan that catches the attention of consumers and drives them to your website.

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Optimize Social Media Rudiments for 2014 eCommerce Busines

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Here are some of the best practices to optimise social media for taking your eCommerce business marketing on the right path.

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Week – #14 Energy Flows Wherever You Focus (or Not)

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Leadership Without Being in Charge

In this week’s lesson, Haanell states, Most persons concentrate intently upon unsatisfactory conditions, thereby giving the condition that measure of energy and vitality which is necessary in order to supply a vigorous growth.

It’s a waste to chase the pipe dream of a magical tiny theory that unreasonableManallows us to make quick and detailed calculations about the future. We can’t predict and we can’t control. To accept this can be a source of liberation and inner peace. We’re part of the unfolding world, surfing the chaotic waves. – Rudy Rucker

The purpose of Nature is the advancement and unfoldment of life. – Wallace Wattles

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

2. To recognize this Intelligence is to acquaint yourself with the knowing quality of Mind and through it to move upon the Universal Substance, and bring it…

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Buzz Aldrin Gives a Shout Out to US Veterans at Night of 100 Stars

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On Purpose Magazine

Buzz Aldrin at the Night of 100 Stars Talks About US Veterans

Gemini 12 and Apollo 11 Astronaut and second man to step on the Moon gives a Shout Out to

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